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March 30, 2011

Harvard College Applicants

Would it surprise you to learn that a number of Harvard applicants grew up in a very stressed environment? Photo credit: Chensiyuan.

There is an article in today’s “The Harvard Crimson” that chronicles the stress many Harvard College applicants endure during their childhood and early adulthood as they travel down the path to Harvard College. The article describes students and parents alike who make it their life mission to gain admission to an Ivy League college and that mission may very well encompass doing activities students don’t actually like simply to get in.

According to the article by Justin Worland, “Harvard College Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid William R. Fitzsimmons ’67 said that the increasingly stressful admissions process is representative of a broader shift towards a more competitive educational environment at younger ages. ’Initially, people tied [the problem] to college admissions and then they realized that it’s just a step along the way,’ Fitzsimmons said. He expressed concern over the growing sentiment that young children have to get into the right preschool in order to succeed in life. This belief, he said, continues to drive behavior even after college when students are applying to graduate schools and finding employment.”

Check out the article “College Applications Increase Stress” (no kidding!) in “The Harvard Crimson” here.

And read more about stress and the college application process and a movie detailing the rigors of the admissions process.

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