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Ever wonder how you can figure out if the vast majority of folks who attend a university you’re interested in applying to are happy college students? One way to find this out is to do the smile test. When visiting a school you’re interested in attending, smile at students whom you pass on the lawn or sit next to in the cafeteria. And then see if they smile back! It’s that simple. We find that at colleges where students are happy, they’ll smile back. At colleges where students aren’t happy, they won’t nearly as often.

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Vassar, UNC, and Colgate are among the universities with the happiest students, according to “Unigo.”

How else can you tell if there are happy college students at the universities you’re considering attending? Look at the retention rate! Do students transfer? If a number of students transfer from a given university, chances are good that a number of students aren’t happy. If you’re happy, you’d want to stay all four years…and then some! Again, pretty simple logic and yet most folks don’t bother to check out transfer rates. There are some universities with ridiculously high transfer rates! We won’t name them here, but they sure do exist!

Additionally, “The Huffington Post” has come out with an article that reports on “Unigo’s” rankings of the happiest colleges in America. So what are the ten happiest colleges in America according to “Unigo”? In no particular order, Barnard College, University of Wisconson – Madison, George Washington University, Boston University, Grinnell College, Carleton College, Brandeis University, Colgate University, Vassar College, and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are their top picks.

What do you think about these schools being considered the universities with the happiest students? Disagree? Let us know your thoughts by posting below!


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