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Hampshire College has boldly done away with the SAT and ACT.

While Hampshire College isn’t among the most highly selective colleges in America, we’re writing about them today because the school has done something dramatic in college admissions. They’ve dropped the SAT and ACT. That’s right. Dropped it entirely. As you may remember, Hampshire College was one of the first schools in the nation to make SAT and ACT test results optional for applicants. But now they’re going beyond considering the SAT and ACT optional. They won’t consider it at all. Take that, College Board and SAT, we imagine Hampshire College is saying these days.

According to a news release put out on Hampshire dropping the SAT and ACT, “Hampshire’s ‘Test blind’ decision reflects concern for fairness in access to educational opportunity. It is also consistent with Hampshire’s mission and academic approach. The tests more accurately reflect family economic status than potential for college success. That standardized testing can pose racial, class, gender, and cultural barriers to equal opportunity is now widely understood, and the National Center for Fair and Open Testing lists more than 800 colleges and universities that are SAT and ACT optional. Fairness in access is particularly important at Hampshire, a college with a reputation for social justice concerns and a mission that includes inspiring students “to contribute to knowledge, justice, and positive change in the world.”

Well said, Hampshire College! Ivy Coach salutes Hampshire College for boldly going where other schools just haven’t. Every college admissions officer in the nation is aware of the problems with the SAT and ACT. But schools haven’t done what Hampshire College did this week. They didn’t just say something. They took action. Good for Hampshire College for carving its own path! Well done.


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