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Texas A&M, Marines and Admission, Vets and College Admission

The Texas A&M system will now offer guaranteed college admission to pre-screened marines upon the completion of their active duty service (photo credit: Jasonanaggie).

The Texas A&M University System will now offer guaranteed college admission to pre-qualified United States Marines upon their completion of active duty service. Other universities that offer guaranteed college admission to pre-screened U.S. Marines are the University of North Carolina system, Virginia Tech University, the Cal State system, Rutgers University, and Colgate University.

According to the “San Antonio Business Journal,” “‘The A&M System’s historic ties to the military make the USMC’s Leadership Scholar Program a perfect fit for our campuses,’ says A&M System Chancellor Michael D. McKinney. ‘We not only welcome the arrival of these fine young Marines, but we are privileged to have students of this quality to support our mission of service and leadership.'” Guaranteed college admissions for our military upon their completion of active duty service is a program we at Ivy Coach wholeheartedly support. It is our hope that such programs will spread to other colleges — particularly to the highly selective ones.

Check out the “San Antonio Business” article here.

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