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Your grades after college acceptances matter. Don’t slack off or your offer of admission can indeed be rescinded. But, yes, a ‘B+’ is ok.

Grades after college acceptances matter. What your grades are like before you’re admitted to the college you’ll be matriculating to should be what your grades are like after you’re admitted. If you’re an ‘A’ student before, you should be an ‘A’ student after, too. But we do recognize that you’re not a robot. You’ve spent years working so hard to get into the college of your dreams. You’ve aced exam after exam, completed paper after paper. It’s ok for you to relax a little bit and enjoy the rest of high school. Seriously — you should. Does that mean your grades should drop significantly? Absolutely not. Your letter of admission can certainly be rescinded. It happens all of the time.

But what happens if you slack off a little and get a ‘B+’ instead of your usual ‘A’ in a class? Nothing will happen. It’ll be ok. Your offer of admission likely isn’t going to be rescinded over a ‘B+’. If you start getting straight ‘D’s,’ then, yes, there is an excellent shot that your offer of admission will be rescinded. But most people fall into the first category of students, not the second. If you’re super worried that your ‘B+’ will jeopardize your offer of admission, stop worrying. Seriously. That’s silly. Relax.

But while getting a ‘B+’ is ok, a change in behavior isn’t. If you start getting into trouble at school or with the law, there is an excellent chance that your offer of admission will be rescinded. So if you feel that your relaxing and taking it a little bit easier than you did prior to your offer of admission is in your future, know that changing your behavior is a really bad idea that can jeopardize everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Be the same person you were before your offer of admission and be the same student you were before this offer, too. But, yes, a ‘B+’ is totally ok.

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