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At Ivy Coach, we help students every year gain admission off college waiting lists.

Getting off college waiting lists is more of a science than many believe. So many parents call and write us and say something along these lines: “It’s a shot in the dark to try to get our kid off the waitlist.” Actually, no it’s not. Many students become our clients for the first time after they’ve been notified that they’re on a college waiting list. It’s our task to try to help them gain admission off this list. And indeed, over the many years in which we’ve been in business at Ivy Coach, we have had great success with helping students gain admission off waiting lists — at every highly selective college. Yes, even Stanford has gone to their waitlist in the past and we’ve helped students gain admission off of it (one parent wrote us that Stanford has never gone to their waitlist). Not so, not so!

Does every student who we help with their Letter of Enthusiasm gain admission off the waiting list? No. Waiting lists are indeed tough to get off of. And yet we enjoy great successes every year with our creative, unique approaches to the task. Many parents ask for the percentage chance their son will get off of a certain college waiting list. We don’t answer that question. Just like a parent doesn’t answer the question of the child in the back seat on a long car ride, “Are we there yet?” Sometimes a parent will ask twice. We don’t answer the second time answer. All we can say is that by working with Ivy Coach on trying to get a son or daughter off a college waiting, you will be giving your son or daughter the best possible chance of gaining admission off that list? Does that mean he or she will definitely get off that waiting list? No. And anyone who says they can definitely get your child off a waiting list should be avoided like Athlete’s foot. We’re not sure why we just referenced Athlete’s foot. Gross. But you get the idea.

If you’d like our assistance with helping your son or daughter try to get off a college waiting list, fill out our Free Consultation form today, indicate that you need help with a waiting list, and we’ll get back to you within the day.

And, while you’re here, remember the xtranormal fad? Well, we made a video about getting off college waiting lists a while back. Check it out.


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