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Princeton University recently instated a Single Choice Early Action program after doing away with Early Decision in 2006.

An article in “Newsweek” chronicles new admissions trends for getting into top universities. From college application videos that have gone viral (like the Tufts University applicant who danced her favorite trigonometry graphs) to musical videos by admissions officers at Yale University, college admissions is keeping up with the times.

But the “Newsweek” article “New Rules of the Admissions Game” puts forward a couple of points that need some further clarification. As an example, the article states: “The College Board recently added an option called Score Choice.” Score Choice has existed in its current incarnation for the last three years. This isn’t exactly a “recent” trend.

The article also points out, “Early Decision programs used to be the best shot at a top school…There’s no chance to compare financial-aid packages or bargain with a school for more merit-based scholarship money..A number of schools, including Princeton and the University of Virginia, have cut their Early Decision programs because of concerns that the system favored affluent students.” Well, Princeton University and the University of Virginia have since gone back to having early admissions programs – Single Choice Early Action and Early Action, respectively. It was 2006 when these universities did away with their Early Decision programs. New trends have since surfaced!

With regard to getting off college waitlists, the “Newsweek” article states, “It’s worth staying on for a while if you are genuinely interested in a particular school—miracles do happen—but if you have another choice, make plans to go there. There’s no trick to getting noticed on the waiting list, but admissions officers say it doesn’t hurt to point out any new honors or accomplishments you’ve accumulated since you sent in your application.” There are indeed tricks to get off the waitlist! Read our tips on getting off the college waitlist and check out our video!


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