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September 28, 2021

Getting Good Grades

UPenn’s former Dean of Admissions told Today that good grades matter in admissions.

Getting great grades in rigorous coursework matters in elite college admissions. We know. We know. And water is wet. Tell us something we don’t know, Ivy Coach! Well, the folks at NBC’s The Today Show thought it was worthwhile for their audience to get an answer to whether or not good grades impact college admissions so who are we not to share what Savannah, Hoda, Craig, and the gang discuss with the morning show’s viewers? Perhaps it’s time for The Today Show to poach some Good Morning America producers to boost their ratings? After all, with no-brainer topics like this one, it’s no wonder that GMA has bested Today in viewers for many years now.

In any case, as Allison Slater Tate reports for NBC‘s Today in a piece entitled “How important are class grades in college admissions? Experts weigh in,” “Former University of Pennsylvania dean of admissions Eric J. Furda, who co-authored the new book ‘The College Conversation: A Practical Plan for Parents to Guide Their Children Along the Path to Higher Education,’ told TODAY Parents, ‘The straightforward answer is that grades do matter over the trajectory of a student’s high school years.’ Furda pointed out that in the 2019 National Association for College Admissions Counseling published ‘State of College Admissions’ survey report, the college application factors ranked highest in importance in decisions by more than 70% of the participating college admissions offices were “grades in all courses” and “grades in college prep courses.” ‘Academic performance in high school has been the most important consideration in freshman admission decisions for decades,’ the report asserted.”

Now, Eric Furda has been a hero of this college admissions blog for many years. He has a history of telling it like it is — even when speaking the truth doesn’t necessarily serve him. But when an author touts a new book on morning programs, they tend to lead with their juiciest stuff. Dean Furda, good grades in rigorous coursework impact one’s case for college admission? Come on now. You can do better! Who is going to buy a brand new, hardcover book to learn this not exactly revelatory information?

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