Getting Accepted at Colleges

Getting Admitted at Colleges, Admission at Colleges, Acceptance at Colleges

Believe it or not, some colleges still have openings. Maybe even you’ve even heard of a couple of the schools.

If you are a high school senior who either isn’t happy with the college(s) to which you were accepted or you happened to get denied admission at every school to which you applied, you should know that there are still universities that have openings for next fall term. Getting accepted at colleges this year may still well be a possibility.¬†Of course, the competitive colleges don’t have openings and if a student who committed to attending did decide to go elsewhere (or not attend at all), they’d turn to their long waitlist. But, as of today, there are colleges with space available – maybe even a couple you’ve heard of.

The proverbial fat lady hasn’t yet sung for high school students getting accepted at colleges for next fall on this NACAC college list with space available. While they may not be the most competitive universities in the country, a couple have competed in the NCAA Tournament in recent years, an event that always raises a university’s brand awareness. If you’re interested in attending any of the colleges on the list, contact the university’s admissions office to see how you should proceed (they may well want you to submit an application very soon).

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