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May 1, 2022

Georgia Tech Class of 2026 Admissions Statistics

Georgia Tech loves its Georgians (photo credit: Davidhermanns).

The Georgia Institute of Technology received 50,601 applications this year to its Class of 2026. Of these students hoping to earn admission to Georgia Tech, 17% made it through the gamut (35% of in-state residents made it through as compared to 13% of out-of-staters). So, yes, Georgia Tech, as we have made it known in the past, loves its Georgians! And just who earned admission to the Georgia Tech Class of 2026, which the school hopes will be about 3,575 students? Admitted students hail from all of the states in our union plus Washington, DC and Puerto Rico in addition to 102 nations around our globe. 11% of admits will be the first in their immediate families to attend college. 21% identify as Black or Hispanic. 44% identified as woman, while 56% identified as men.

As Georgia Tech reports in a press release that is notably less flashy than many of its peer universities that boast of record application pools, “’In a year when many colleges around the country are experiencing enrollment and application declines, Georgia Tech is thriving,’ said Rick Clark, director of Undergraduate Admission. ’Expanding access to more students from a variety of backgrounds is core to our mission and strategic plan. As a result, this year we will enroll our largest first-year class in Institute history — 500 larger than it was three years ago when President Cabrera began his tenure on campus.’”

Congratulations to all of Ivy Coach’s students who earned admission to the Georgia Tech Class of 2026! Or for those Georgians who are reading our college admissions blog — just Tech. Well done!

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