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May 21, 2018

George Washington University Class of 2022 Waitlist

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GW does not anticipate turning to its waitlist for the Class of 2022.

Will George Washington University be turning to its waitlist this year for the Class of 2022? The answer is a definitive no. For the first time in at least nine years, GW will not be dipping into the list of students in limbo. While we’re not sure how many students were placed on the waitlist for the GW Class of 2022, the figure stood at 5,600 for the GW Class of 2021 if that’s any indication of this year’s waitlist figure. We do know that around 2,000 students accepted a slot on this year’s waitlist. So none of those 2,000 students will earn a spot at GW this coming fall.

George Washington Class of 2022 Waitlist

As reports Kelly Hooper in a piece entitled “Officials avoid dipping into waitlist for first time in at least nine years” for “The GW Hatchet,” “Dean of Admission Costas Solomou announced to waitlisted students May 1 that after receiving nearly 27,000 applications for the incoming freshman class, GW hit its capacity and does not ’anticipate admitting anyone from the waitlist this year,’ according to an email obtained by The Hatchet. The University admitted an average of 76 students from its waitlist between 2009 and 2017 – with a high of 170 students in 2016 and a low of 16 the next year – according to institutional research.”

As we’ve long expressed, we don’t believe it’s a good look for a school to not turn to its waitlist. We take no issue with a school admitting only a few students off its waitlist as, in many cases, the school’s yield for the year doesn’t necessitate turning to the students placed in limbo. But there are always a few students who earn admission off the waitlists of other schools and even though they committed to one school, they forfeit their deposit to accept their place off the waitlist. So every school should always admit at least a few students off the waitlist each year. And at GW, for the Class of 2022, you never know. The dean of admission did say the school “did not anticipated admitting anyone from the waitlist this year.” So while it doesn’t look good, hopefully GW will admit at least a few students from limbo.

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