Gap Years and College Admissions

There’s an article out today in “The Daily Pennsylvanian” in which Ivy Coach founder, Bev Taylor, is quoted that discusses how in light of these tough economic times, some students are choosing to take gap years before enrolling in college. According to University of Pennsylvania Dean of Admissions Eric Furda, whom we recently saluted for his efforts at reaching applicants through non-traditional ways, betwen 50 to 65 students each admissions cycle choose to defer a year. That year is called a “gap year.”

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If you’re taking a gap year before college, don’t hang out at the beach. Work. Learn. Pursue your passions. As long as that passion doesn’t involve sunbathing!

According to the “Daily Pennsylvanian,” “‘It’s a mistaken idea that it’s better to do something strictly academic,’ [Furda] said. “[Work experience] teaches them some humility and some survival skills … that they almost don’t learn anywhere else, certainly not to the same degree.'” As our founder stated in the article, the gap year isn’t a luxury and it shouldn’t be considered as such.

Students taking gap years shouldn’t just hang out on the beach in France. They should work or find a way to pursue their passion. But if that passion is riding waves and soaking in the sun, forget the gap year and go to college! That would be such a waste of a year of your life! If you’re taking the year off, broaden your horizons, learn, and grow! And also know that gap years aren’t for everyone.

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