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We love giving parents and students more information on our services. But don’t call us just to brag about your children. It’s a waste of our time…and yours. Photo credit: Chensiyuan.

It never ceases to amaze us how some parents waste their entire free 20-minute consultation with us boasting about the accomplishments of their children. Do they really think that we haven’t worked with students who have more stellar accomplishments?  We’re rarely all that impressed that your child has perfect or near perfect SAT or ACT scores. And we’re certainly not impressed that his mommy thinks he’s the smartest boy in all the world. We’re also not impressed that he’s so well-rounded (oy vey!). We’re not impressed that his high school coach believes he’s an amazing backstroker. If his 100 yard backstroke is 1:12, he’s not getting recruited to swim. Anywhere. There are a few grandmothers who swim at the master’s level with faster times than that.

We often ask ourselves why parents feel the need to talk to us when they already know all the answers. Of course, they don’t know all the answers. They just think they do. They think they’re experts. They think because they’ve read our blog, they know all the dirty little secrets. If only they knew, we keep so many of our best secrets off the blog because we’re an American business. Often times, what these parents believe is the opposite of reality.

But why even seek out our advice if all they want to do is boast about their child and tell us how the highly selective college admissions process works? You don’t think we know how the highly selective college admissions process works? We’ve been in this business for a quarter century. There’s a reason we’re cited in so many articles on highly selective college admissions — ranging from “US News & World Report” to “The New York Times” to the paper of every single Ivy League college. There’s a reason we get emails and calls every year saying “thank you” with fifteen exclamation points. It’s after our students get admitted to their dream colleges.

If you want a free consultation with us, that’s wonderful. It’s an opportunity for us to go over our services with you. If you want a free consultation to boast about your child, maybe consider calling 1800-Mattres? Leave off the last ‘s’ for savings. Or call 411. We are sure you’ll be able to get a hold of a wonderful operator whose ear you can talk off. But if that’s what you want to do, don’t call us because…We’re not going to be impressed!

Sorry for venting but if we had a dollar for every parent who told us how their daughter is the smartest and most talented young woman between the Atlantic and the Pacific, we could double the size of the Harvard endowment. And so if you’re interested in a free consultation and aren’t going to boast about your child, please fill out our free consult form today and we’ll be sure to set up a time to chat with you!


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