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We ask that parents and students fill out our consultation form to initiate inquiring about our services.

Parents and students often call in saying that they have a few questions for us. They then get right to it by telling us about themselves (or their child) before launching into longwinded questions. We sometimes wonder how they even know they’re not speaking to themselves since we often don’t get to insert a word edgewise into the “conversation.” After they’re done with their initial spiel, we finally get the chance to say, “Have you been on our website and filled out our consultation form, which you’ll find by clicking on the bright orange button?” They often reply, “No, but can you answer my questions?” And then they’re shocked when we say, “No. You’ll need to fill out our consultation form and schedule a time for a consultation, in which we will answer questions about our service offerings.”

And of course they get quite frustrated at this point. But that’s too bad. If we spent time answering everyone’s questions, we’d be on the phone all day and we would not have time to bake apple pies and help our students gain admission to the colleges of their dreams. And if these parents and students want to discuss their (or their child’s) particular case for admission, it’s not like we’ll discuss that over a free consult either. That’s only during a paid evaluation. We offer quite a bit of advise for free on our college admissions blog. Although most of our best kept secrets remain off the pages of this blog since these are reserved for our clients…

It never ceases to amaze us how many folks seem to not only want — but indeed expect — assistance for free. And then they are shocked when we are unwilling to give it. Well that’s just too bad. If they want to huff and puff about it, they are welcome to do so. But we’re still not giving them the advice they seek for free. We are an American business.


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