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January 3, 2014

Fordham University Admissions Error

Fordham made a major mistake this admissions cycle.

There’s always at least one university every year that makes the mistake of sending out acceptance notices (hi University of Delaware) to students the school didn’t intend to admit. Oops! This year, that distinction belongs to Fordham University in New York City. This year, Fordham in fact sent out 2,500 false notices of acceptance to students. 2,500! That’s indeed quite the glitch. So how did it go down? Apparently, Fordham’s office of financial aid sent out emails to these students that read, “Congratulations once again on your admission to Fordham University.” It was in big bold, red letters.

Now the students hadn’t previously been notified of their admission so the “once again” bit may have confused them but when students receive notifications of acceptances, that “once again” detail goes out the window. And as it should. The fact is that Fordam will not be admitting all of these 2,500 students. According to an article on the Fordham University admissions error in “The New York Times,” “The university apologized in a statement on Thursday and said it was working with the contractor, Student Aid Services, to determine what went wrong. ’Fordham and its undergraduate admissions staff are acutely aware of the high hopes prospective students and their families have regarding college acceptances,’ the school said. ’The University deeply regrets that some applicants were misled by the financial aid notice. The admission staff is working with S.A.S. to find out what went wrong.’”

Well, that’s all well and good that the university is working with folks to find out what went wrong. But in the meantime, many students during this most stressful time in their lives were duped by the university they applied to. Shame on Fordham for this careless error. May it not happen again.

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