Flaunting Admissions Decisions

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Don’t wear the same Cornell sweatshirt to school every day after you get in. For one, you’ll smell (photo credit: Sach1tb).

High school seniors and parents, it’s around this time every year when we make a suggestion to you all. Don’t flaunt your admissions decisions. Don’t be the high school senior who gets the bright red Cornell sweatshirt and wears it every day to school for the rest of the year. We get it. You got into Cornell. Your fellow students and teachers won’t have much respect for your choice of attire. Think about all of the students who didn’t get into Cornell. Think how you’re making them feel. Is that how you want to come across? Do you want your teachers who wrote about your modesty in their letters of recommendation seeing you differently now that you’ve gotten in? We don’t think so.

Parents shouldn’t flaunt the admissions decisions of their children either. Way too many do at the grocery store, at the car wash, and at Bloomingdale’s. We know, you’re frenemies with other parents who are bragging about their kids’ decisions. Don’t stoop to their level. Don’t be that parent. Don’t buy a decal for your car. That’s lame. It’s not your admissions decision. It’s your daughter’s. Or your son’s. Let him or her decide if a decal is right for the car. But there’s no sense putting that decal right up. Wait until students have heard back from schools and have decided where they’re going to attend. Many high school seniors are nervous right now as they await word on their decisions (though many of our students have already heard back with great news). Don’t add to their stress. It’s not right.

Be cool. Be better than your peers who wear Cornell hoodies to school every day. Be better than the parent in line at Bloomingdale’s telling everyone that Alex got into Harvard. Who cares. Alex’s mom is lame. And Alex probably is, too. You’re way cooler than Alex. Plus if you wear the same Cornell hoodie to school every day, you’ll likely smell. And who’s going to want to be friends with you then?

And for you high school juniors, don’t brag in your college essays either. It’s a major mistake so many applicants make!


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