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The fees of college consultants was recently the subject of a piece for “CNBC.” Photo credit: Derrick Smith.

There was recently a piece up on “CNBC” that focused on how more and more students these days are turning to private college consultants in the hope of earning admission to the Ivy League. The piece, written by Jessica Dickler, focuses on the dwindling number of school counselors available to students, which she contrasts with the booming private college consulting industry. As Dickler writes, “You can’t put a price tag on getting into your top college. Or maybe you can. With competition among college applicants as fierce as it has ever been, some students are doing whatever they can to get a leg up — no matter the cost. That’s where private help comes in. A growing number of college counselors offer their expertise — for a price.” Hello! Of course for a price.

A Word on Ivy Coach’s Fees

Over the years, we’ve been made fun of by everybody and their Great Aunt Sally for the fees that we charge at Ivy Coach. We were made fun of on “CNBC” for our fees — even though they grossly underreported our fees at the time. Recently, our fees made the headlines. You may have read about our fees on the cover of a Sunday edition of “The New York Post.” But what most surprises our critics is that we make absolutely no apologies for our fees. We have an expertise. We charge what we so wish for our expertise — just like a dentist, a plumber, and a lawyer. Last time we checked, this is the United States of America, land of the free and home of the brave.

Sometimes, folks blurt out during free consults, “But that’s more than the cost of a college education.” We usually wish to reply, “What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?” But instead we reply, “Yes. And it’s to optimize your child’s case for admission so she gets into a great school rather than a pretty good one.” Sometimes these folks also ask, “But your fees aren’t anywhere close to your competitors.” We always think that’s a bit presumptuous. Competitors? What competitors? Which firm has a track record like ours? Which firm has a reputation like ours? The average cost for college consulting may be $200 per hour nationwide. But we don’t charge hourly — nor will we ever. And if we did, our fees would certainly not be $200 per hour. Why should a company in New York have to charge the same as one in Omaha, Nebraska? We don’t live in North Korea. Tell that to Great Aunt Sally.


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