Factors in College Admissions

There are a number of factors in college admissions decisions. There are SAT or ACT scores. There are grades. There’s course selection. There are teacher letters of recommendation. And the guidance counselor letter of recommendation. And talent outside of the classroom. And extracurriculars. And college interviews. And college essays. And Subject Test scores. And AP scores. And demonstrated interest in the college to which the student is applying. The list is quite a long one. What we’ve mentioned above absolutely isn’t everything. It’s simply a sampling.

NACAC, the National Association for College Admission Counseling, to which the Founder of Ivy Coach is a member in good standing, surveyed a number of admissions officers for their “2011 State of College Admission Report” and they were able to rate which factors in college admissions are most important. What better way to show you the significance of these college admissions factors than through an infographic prepared by “StudentAdvisor.”

Did you think a certain factor in college admission weighed more heavily? Do you disagree with any of the data presented in this infographic? Let us know your thoughts by posting below! We’re eager to hear!

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Check out this infographic on factors in college admissions by “StudentAdvisor.” Please note that just because we liked and wanted to share their infographic, this does not mean we endorse their services.


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