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August 22, 2022

Enrollment at Non-Selective Universities

While we at Ivy Coach write about the elite college admissions process, or the process of gaining admission to selective and highly selective universities, there are a whole lot of universities across America that aren’t particularly selective in their admissions processes. In fact, most of the 900+ universities across this country aren’t particularly selective. Rather, the selective and highly selective universities are the exceptions to the rule, not the rule. And while, over the last few years, applications to our nation’s elite colleges have skyrocketed and admission rates have plummeted, enrollment has dropped off significantly at most of America’s colleges. Wondering why that’s the case?

Ivy Coach appeared on NewsNation today discussing college enrollment.

As Brian Taylor of Ivy Coach opines on NewsNation in a segment on declining college enrollment, “A degree from most of the 900 universities in America, I would argue, is not worth the paper it’s written on. It doesn’t lead to a better job. You can get a better job by going to trade school or by foregoing college altogether. Whereas at the 50 or so highly selective schools in America, enrollment is certainly not declining…It’s very much a tale of two different kinds of colleges.”

You see, we don’t believe college is for everyone. That’s right. We don’t. We also don’t believe spending tens of thousands of dollars to attend universities that most people have never heard of is necessarily worth the tremendous investment, particularly when there is such a robust job market as there is right now in America. Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on a questionable degree, young people can alternatively attend community college or go to trade school or just join the job market. For many young people in America, these options would indeed present better opportunities.

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