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Some students on the Emory waitlist received erroneous invitations to attend admitted students weekend. Oy. Get it together, Emory.

Every year, a highly selective university makes a mistake that unintentionally raises the hopes of many high school students only to then deflate those hopes. Some students on the Emory waitlist this year know how this feels. Apparently, on April 5th, Emory University sent out an email notification inviting students to an admitted students event to encourage these students to select Emory as the college they will be attending. But this email didn’t just go out to all of the admitted students. It also went out to a select set of students on the Emory waitlist — including high school senior Savannah Jones.

According to “Emory Wheel,” “Jones immediately called her mom to express how excited she was that she had been admitted to her top choice school. However, upon checking OPUS, she noticed her status on the waitlist had not changed…’All systems have glitches, but that is damaging emotionally especially for someone who is dead set on Emory and didn’t get in in the first place,’ Jones said.” She’s right. Colleges need to be more careful when they send out mass emails. They should never send an invitation to an admitted students weekend if all students on that list haven’t in fact been admitted to the college.

It’s high time that colleges stop making these glitches. Meetings should be devoted simply to ensure that these glitches don’t occur at each and every school sending out email notifications. Every year we read about one of these glitches. And every year it happens again. This time, Emory University takes the fall. It’s time to fix this already as it’s just not fair to stressed out high school seniors. It’s emotionally quite damaging.


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