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April 16, 2022

Emory University Class of 2026 Admissions Statistics

Emory’s overall admission rate dropped significantly from last year.

Emory University has released Regular Decision notifications for its Class of 2026. In all, between Early Decision I, Early Decision II, and Regular Decision, 33,517 students applied to Emory’s Class of 2026. Of these students, 3,592 students earned admission to the Atlanta campus, and 3,148 earned admission to the Oxford campus. This marks a 10.6% overall admission rate (compared to 13% for the Class of 2025). In the Regular Decision round, 9% earned admission (as compared to 32% in the Early Decision I round). Now, Emory loves to boast how the school doesn’t measure Demonstrated Interest. In fact, the admissions office even writes it on their website. Yet Emory is the school that quite literally invented Demonstrated Interest and if the 32% ED admit rate compared to the 9% RD admit rate isn’t demonstrative of Emory loving students who love Emory, we don’t what is. Making a binding commitment by applying Early Decision is, after all, the most significant way of demonstrating interest.

And just who earned admission to the Emory Class of 2026? As Lauren Baydaline reports for The Emory Wheel in a piece entitled “Emory admits 9% of Regular Decision applicants,” “For the Class of 2026, 13.7% of domestic admits were first generation students while 36% of acceptances were from historically underrepresented populations, [Dean of Admissions John] Latting said. On a global scale, Latting noted that admits hail from high schools in 72 different countries and are citizens of 98 different nations. Emory’s international population has increased over the last few years — rising from 17% for the Class of 2024 to 19% for the Class of 2025. Between all accepted students, 75 different languages are spoken at home or as a first language. ’49% of admits reported a language in addition to or other than English,’ Latting said. ’That is a really good testament to the globalization, diversity and breadth of the admitted class.’”

Congratulations to all of Ivy Coach’s students who earned admission to the Emory University Class of 2026! We’re so proud of you.

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