Echoing a Call for Female Vets to Enlist Our Pro Bono Services

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Ivy Coach reaffirms our commitment to helping America’s veterans — and we particularly wish to work with female vets this coming year.

In all of the years in which we’ve been helping America’s veterans on a pro bono basis earn admission to the colleges of their dreams, would it surprise our readers to know that we’ve never had the privilege of working with a female veteran? Sure, we’ve offered advice to many female veterans over the years but none have ever proactively enlisted our pro bono college admissions counseling. The veterans with whom we’ve had the honor of assisting over the years have been exclusively male. But we wish for that to change this coming year. And that’s why we’re writing about this topic today.

We’ve Helped Many Male Vets, But We Want Female Vets Too!

So if you’re a female veteran of one of the five branches of America’s military, know that, just like Uncle Sam, we want you! We want to be able to help you with your college applications. We want to be able to help you earn admission to highly selective colleges after your dutiful service to our nation. We surely have no shortage of male veterans who have enlisted our pro bono services over the years to help them earn admission to the colleges of their dreams so why is it that we can’t find a female vet who needs our help? It’s time to end this trend this coming year — once and for all.

We’d Also Love to Assist LGBTQ Parents, Who Haven’t Enlisted Our Services

And, it’s funny, as we were thinking of how we’ve never had the privilege of working with female veterans, we also realized that we’ve never — to our knowledge — had the privilege of working with students with LGBTQ parents as non-pro bono clients (since our pro bono services are reserved exclusively for America’s veterans — and not their children). So we got to thinking about it. We’re proudly members of the LGBTQ community. Why is it that over the last quarter of a century, we haven’t had the opportunity to assist LGBTQ parents and their children? Is it because the majority of the children of LGBTQ parents haven’t yet come of age? Who knows. But we’d like to see change here too this coming year. Here’s hoping we get to work with a student this year who happens to have LGBTQ parents.


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