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Check out some of the Early Decision statistics at highly selective colleges around the nation.

We thought we’d share with you some Early Decision stats as they trickle out from highly selective universities around the nation. We’ll be updating our annual Ivy League Statistics in short order but until we do that, here’s a little tease of what went down in the Early round. So get out your calculators because here are the numbers for an assortment of non-Ivy League colleges:

Babson had 267 applications this fall of which 141 were admitted. At Davidson, 371 applicants applied and 194 earned admission. At Colgate, 398 applied of which 225 were admitted. At Hamilton, 413 applied and 180 were offered admission. Of NYU’s 3,182 applicants, 1,454 were admitted. At Oberlin, 241 applicants applied and 161 were admitted. Pomona received 297 applications and 75 got in. Vanderbilt had 1,769 applications and 553 got accepted.

At Northwestern, 2,450 student applied and 804 earned admission. At Middlebury, 645 applied and 270 got in. At GW, 1,530 applied and 585 got accepted. At Sarah Lawrence, 91 applied and 77 got in (hey, it helps to apply Early)! Finally, at Williams, 566 applied for admission and 239 earned a spot in the incoming class.


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