Early Decision Post-Mortems

Early Action Post Mortem, Early Admission Post Mortem, Early Action Admission

If your child was deferred or denied at his or her Early school, it would be beneficial to conduct a post-mortem with us on their application so the same mistakes aren’t made again.

If you applied Early Decision or Early Action to a highly selective college and were either deferred or denied admission, it would be a very good idea to sign up for a consultation with Ivy Coach so that we can let you know reasons you likely did not get in. We can inform you of mistakes that you made on your application, in your Personal Statement, in your supplemental essays, etc. as you don’t want to be making the same mistakes again…and again…and again. Because that would be quite foolish!

During this consultation, we will go through the various components of your application and pinpoint the errors you made. We will also brainstorm changes with you and potential new directions for essays, as time permits. Maybe a mistake was an arrogant remark in an essay that you didn’t realize could come across as bragging. Maybe your Personal Statement was all about an activity that you participate in — which is not what a Personal Statement should be. Maybe you checked a box on the application that you should not have checked. Maybe you repeated information in your essays, as though admissions officers had very bad memories. Or maybe you just didn’t come across as likable in your application. It’s entirely possible.

There will, in all likelihood, be “aha” moments during this consultation and while you may be kicking yourself for making these mistakes for your Early Decision or Early Action school, at least you won’t be kicking yourself again and again for your Regular Decision schools. Making the same mistake again and again is a very bad idea. So, if you’re interested in this Early Decision or Early Action post mortem, fill our our consultation form today. Indicate that you’re interested in an Early Decision or Early Action post-mortem.


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