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Bev Taylor of Ivy Coach was featured in an article of “The Yale Daily News.”

Ivy Coach was featured in an article of “The Yale Daily News” a couple of days ago. Entitled “Early programs not created equal,” the piece, written by Rishabh Bhandari, the piece focuses on the difference between Early Decision programs and Early Action programs (including Single Choice Early Action programs). According to the article on Early admission, “Bev Taylor, the founder of Ivy Coach, a New York-based college consulting firm, said there are only a handful of schools — MIT, Stanford, Princeton, Harvard and Yale — that do not have to worry about their yield rates. These schools know that students who apply early will likely matriculate even though they are not obligated to, she said. Taylor added that she rarely sees students who are accepted early by any of the aforementioned schools submit applications to other schools outside that list.”

And that’s why a school like Harvard doesn’t have an Early Decision program. They don’t need that commitment from a student. They have confidence that if they admit a student, that student will in all likelihood matriculate. It’s like dating. Harvard doesn’t need to demand that the student marry them on the first date. They’re confident enough to wait it out should marriage be in the cards. Our Founder, Bev Taylor, goes on to question how many students who get into Yale via Early Action then choose to apply later to Cornell? Not many, she bets. And why would they? It wouldn’t be right for them to apply to Cornell via Regular Decision if they have every intention of matriculating to Yale. And most folks have a sense of ethics, we find.

Do you think there are other colleges not listed in this post that don’t worry about their yield rates? If so, let us know which colleges you think are also generally apathetic and we’ll share with you our opinion on the school. We look forward to hearing from you!


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