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Duke University has released its Early Decision statistics for the Class of 2019.

Duke University has informed its applicants who will be members of the Class of 2019, who has been deferred, and who has been denied admission. In all, 3,180 students applied for admission via Duke’s binding Early Decision policy. Of those 3,180 applicants, 26% gained admission. It marked the second ‘most selective’ Early Decision round in the history of Duke University. We of course put quotes around ‘most selective’ because a lower admission rate doesn’t mean the university was more selective. It simply means the university was more successful at getting students to apply. After all, students with ‘D’ averages and terrible SAT scores don’t make an applicant pool ‘more selective’ one bit. As we’ve been saying on our college admissions blog for years, words like these are all spin. And, love us or hate us, we don’t stand for spin. Bill O’Reilly says his show is the ‘no spin zone’ but — love him or hate him — he sure does have some conservative spin. We pride ourselves on no spin.

Anyhow, according to an article on the 2019 Duke Early Decision stats in “Duke Today,” “Students admitted through Early Decision this year will represent 48 percent of next fall’s incoming class, which is expected to total 1,705 students. Of the 815 students offered admission, 652 will enroll in the Trinity College of Arts & Sciences and the remaining 163 will enroll in the Pratt School of Engineering. North Carolina, New York, California, Florida and New Jersey are the states with the greatest representation among students admitted through Early Decision. Students of color comprise 35 percent and international students make up nine percent of those admitted. Last year, the university accepted 797 students through Early Decision. Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Christoph Guttentag said the increase in students admitted this year is a reflection of the quality of the applicants.”

If you were among the deferred students to Duke University, contact us today to get started working on your letter of enthusiasm. Time is of the essence to get this letter in tip-top shape and get it into Duke. An ordinary letter just won’t do. If you want to sway admissions officer to go to bat for you in the Regular Decision round — if you want to stand out from the 598 students whose admission was deferred in Early Decision (and that’s the number!) — this letter has got to be exceptional. The letters of our students are, without question, exceptional.


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