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April 5, 2019

Duke University Class of 2023 Admissions Statistics

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Duke University recently sent out their Regular Decision notifications.

Duke University admitted 5.7% of Regular Decision applicants to its Class of 2023. The school admitted 18% of its Early Decision applicants to its Class of 2023. So if you’re not sure if there’s an advantage in applying to a school like Duke in the Early round, well, read those statistics once, twice, and a third time for good measure. Coach K’s school received 41,600 applications to its latest class — an all-time record. The figure outdid last year’s total of 37,302 by a large margin. In the Regular Decision round, 2,101 students earned admission to the school. Combined with the 882 students who earned Early Decision admission to Duke, this means that 2,983 in total earned the right to be Blue Devils.

As reports Nathan Luzum and Shagun Vashisth for “The Chronicle” in a piece entitled “Duke University admits record-low 5.7 percent of regular decision applicants,” “’My staff and I were struck by the impact the students who applied to Duke this year have already had,’  Christoph Guttentag, dean of undergraduate admissions, said in the release. ’We knew that they would have impressive academic records and show a strong commitment to their activities. What stood out for us was that many of them went beyond that to make a measurable impact on their communities. They really want to make things better. Not surprisingly, programs like Duke Engage, Bass Connections and Focus captured their imagination.’” So, basically, Duke cut and pasted how they’ve described each of the last several classes! Let’s hope for a little more specificity next year from Duke’s admissions czar.

Congratulations to our students who earned admission to Duke University this year. And we’re sorry Zion Williamson couldn’t lead the Blue Devils to the Final Four this postseason. But there’s always next year (except for Zion who we expect will be the #1 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft).

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