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The yield at Duke University went up a bit for the Class of 2015 as compared to the previous year. The yield reflects the percentage of admitted students who choose to attend.

Duke University reports a 2% increase in the yield percentage for the Class of 2014 as compared to the Class of 2015. For the incoming class, 44.3% of admitted students to Duke have chosen to attend the college. This statistic may fluctuate a bit over the summer months in a process coined summer melt – when students change their minds about attending a college or get admitted off of the waitlist at another college that they ultimately decided to attend.

According to the “Duke Chronicle’s” article on Duke University admission statistics, “[Christoph] Guttentag, [Dean of Undergraduate Admissions], said although the class size is currently at about 1,749, he expects the number to decrease to a number between 1,720 and 1,725…More high school seniors are also coming to Duke after being offered a spot on the waitlist. Guttentag said so far, 140 students of the 185 accepted from the waitlist—about 75 percent—will come to East Campus in the Fall. This number is up from the approximately 100 students who came from the waitlist in the Class of 2014.”

If you’re a student on the waitlist, doing nothing is never the right option. To get admitted off the waitlist, you need to be proactive in the admissions process. What do you think of these Duke University admission statistics? Let us know your thoughts by posting below!


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