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Duke Early Decision applicants will be notified of decisions today.

Duke Early Decision admissions data is out. This year, 2,540 students applied Early Decision to Duke University. Of those 2,540 applicants, 753 students will find out today that they’ve earned admission to the school in Durham, North Carolina. As compared to last year, Duke received 70 fewer applications. However, this year, 106 more applicants will earn admission in the Early Decision round. These 753 students who have all committed to attending Duke will ultimately comprise approximately 44% of the incoming Class of 2017.

According to “The Duke Chronicle,” “‘We always approach Early Decision curious to see what the applicant pool will be like and without a preconceived notion of how many students we will be able accept,’ Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Christoph Guttentag said in a Duke news release. ‘Some years—such as last year—we end up admitting the same number as the year before. This year there were considerably more students whose applications were compelling, and we appreciate the interest of those exceptional students who know Duke is their clear first choice.'”

And how many of those students who applied Early Decision but did not earn admission were deferred? 607 applicants are being deferred to the Regular Decision pool. Of this batch, typically about 10% end up getting in via Regular Decision. According to “The Duke Chronicle,” “North Carolina, New York, California, Florida and New Jersey are the most highly represented states. North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Colorado and Maryland saw the largest increases in acceptances.”

If you applied Early Decision to Duke University this year, we wish you good luck today!


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