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Duke admitted 9.9% of its applicant pool this year (photo credit: Debivort).

This year’s Duke admission statistics are in and Duke had its lowest admission rate in the university’s history. With an admission rate of 9.9%, the university broke the 10% admission rate barrier. 31,785 applicants in fact applied to Duke to be members of the Class of 2017, while 2,897 got in. How do the number of applications to Duke this year stack up against past years, you ask? Last year, 31,600 students applied to Duke. The year before, 29,689 students applied. The year before that, 26,770. This number has only gone up since 2007 in fact (when 19,206 students applied).

According to an article on the Duke admissions stats in “The Duke Chronicle,” “Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Christoph Guttentag also praised the class’s collective personality. ‘This class seems to have a real sense of energy, of enthusiasm and engagement. There’s a liveliness and spirit that comes through in their applications,’ Guttentag wrote in an email early Thursday morning. ‘People on campus are really going to like this class, as individuals and as a group.’ This year, more students than usual were admitted via binding early decision—44 percent of the Class of 2017 was accepted in December, as compared to 38 percent of both the Class of 2016 and Class of 2015. This change contributed to the competition for spaces among regular decision applicants.”

Can you ever imagine a dean of admissions at a highly selective college saying this class doesn’t have a real sense of energy and engagement? Who would admit a class that isn’t lively and spirited? We just think it’s kind of funny to read more or less the same recycled quotes year in and year out on admitted classes. This class has great SAT scores, but they don’t have much personality. Now can you imagine anyone saying that? We didn’t think so.


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  • Ghost of John D. Rockefeller says:

    Duke’s admit rate, as the New York Times notes, was 11.6%. The 9.9% number you quote was their regular decision rate, not their overall decision rate. Their admissions office was hoping you wouldn’t notice the difference and they were correct.

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