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April 9, 2015

Dream School Admission

Dream College Admission, Dream School, Admission to Dream College
This is a favorite time of year for us at Ivy Coach, when our students — and their parents — reflect on gaining admission to their dream colleges.

Every year around this time, we are besieged with wonderful notes. These notes come from the parents and students whom we have worked with over the course of the past months — and, in some cases, years — as they navigated the highly selective college admissions process to achieve admission to their dream schools. These notes are our absolute favorites. They are validating. They make us feel good. We played a role in helping students gain admission to their dream colleges and it’s work we’re mighty proud to do. Indeed, we’ve been mighty proud to do this work for the last quarter century at Ivy Coach. But more than hearing the satisfying, exciting results, hearing from the students and parents themselves reminds us each and every year why we love doing what we do.

As a business, we so very much wish that we could share these notes on our website. They are indeed shining testaments to Ivy Coach’s services. But we cannot because we work behind the scenes and we value the confidentiality of our clients. Some clients, over the years, have offered to write testimonials that appear on our website. You’ll note their full names are on display as well as their hometowns and the colleges to which the students were admitted. If you’re debating between whether to hire Ivy Coach or any other college counseling firm, we suggest you peruse any other college counseling firm’s testimonials. You’ll note that full names and hometowns and colleges are not on display. Rather, their testimonials typically read like this: “Sam, Parent of Harvard Student Class of 2019.” Who on earth is Sam? How is this verifiable? In two words, it isn’t.

Sometimes (although infrequently), parents ask us for references. Our response? Absolutely not. We will not bother our former clients with calls from folks who want to pick their brains. And, after you’re our client, you won’t be receiving these phone calls and emails either. We value the confidentiality of our clients highly. And anyone who insists on references to gauge the quality of our assistance hasn’t done their homework by reading about Ivy Coach on our expansive website, in the press, on our college admissions blog, etc. And since our goal is to help students gain admission to the college of their dreams, we need students — and their parents — to do their homework. Your dog having eaten it doesn’t cut it for us.

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