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November 5, 2020

DOJ Continues Investigating Harvard Admissions

The DOJ has been trying to root out the practice of offering preferential treatment to college applicants based on their race.

Will Harvard University soon let out a sigh of relief? Under the current administration, the United States Department of Justice has waged war on highly selective universities, including Harvard University. In the Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard University case in which Harvard was accused of discriminating against Asian Americans in its admissions process — a case Harvard won which is now in the appeals process — the DOJ filed an amicus brief on behalf of the group suing Harvard. Additionally, the DOJ has been investigating Harvard’s admissions process. And if you’re curious of the status of that investigation, well, it’s ongoing.

The DOJ Has Been Trying to Root Out Affirmative Action

As Benjamin L. Fu reports for The Harvard Crimson, “Amid Ongoing SFFA-Harvard Appeal, Justice Department Continues Investigation into Harvard Admissions,” “The United States Department of Justice confirmed Monday afternoon that it is continuing to investigate Harvard’s admissions programs for discrimination, in response to a Freedom of Information Act request submitted by The Harvard Crimson on Oct. 25. The response comes nearly one year after Civil Rights Division Chief Kilian B. Kagle last confirmed the investigation’s ongoing status, and less than one month after the Justice Department sued Yale University for discriminating in its admissions process.”

Our Crystal Ball Predicts the Investigation Will End Under a Biden Administration

And this all leads us to making a prediction with the help of Ivy Coach’s historically accurate crystal ball. With former Vice President Joe Biden on the cusp of the American presidency, we suspect the DOJ will soon end its ridiculous investigation into Harvard University’s admissions process. After all, this has been a politically-motivated investigation from the start. Does Asian American discrimination exist in the admissions process at Harvard and all highly selective universities? You bet. It’s wrong. And it should end. But it is not our opinion that the DOJ has been investigating Harvard because it cares so deeply about Asian Americans. No, this politically-motivated DOJ has been using Asian Americans as pawns in an effort to root out the practice of Affirmative Action. Yet Affirmative Action isn’t to blame for the discrimination that Asian Americans face in admissions any more than is legacy admission or the admission of recruited athletes. The impending Biden victory is indeed a victory not only for Harvard but for all universities that benefit from the longstanding practice of Affirmative Action, a practice that helps create a fairer and more equal America.

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