Do The Ridiculous

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We encourage our students to go ridiculously above and beyond.

Ivy Coach is, at its core, a family business. And, at Ivy Coach, we firmly believe in doing the ridiculous. We also believe in showing rather than telling, a guiding principle we drill firmly into the heads of our students as we work on essays with them. And so we figured we’d share with you a moment in which one of ours did the ridiculous — again — just a few days ago in fact.

An Ironman is a ridiculous challenge. Ironman athletes tend to respect marathoners but, with due respect to marathoners, the 26.2 mile run is merely the closing leg of the Ironman 140.6 triathlon (after a 2.4 mile swim in frigid waters and a 112 mile bike ride all in one day). And this bike ride on the Lake Tahoe course happens to be the most grueling of any Ironman on the world circuit — it’s up, up, up at absurdly high altitude. In many ways, we encourage all of our students to do the ridiculous, whatever their version of ridiculous might be. So long as we approve of their version of ridiculous of course.


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