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Be proactive if you’re deferred from your Early Decision or Early Action dream school.

For students who were deferred at their Early Decision or Early Action school, doing nothing is not the answer. It’s a lesson in highly selective college admissions and it’s a lesson in life. Doing nothing if deferred via Early admission will usually get you nowhere. What you should do is be proactive. For instance, sending a “letter of enthusiasm” to the college that deferred you is a great idea. But this letter should absolutely not just reiterate what the college already knows about you. This letter must be powerful. It must be moving. It must greatly add to your application. We help many students — who come to us as clients after their deferrals — with these very letters of enthusiasm.

We’ve also got a few other strategies up our sleeve for students who were deferred at their dream schools that we advise students to employ. Sure, you might have moved on since your deferral and hopefully you have. You’re focused on gaining admission to your Regular Decision schools. But what’s the harm in continuing to fight for admission to the school that you applied Early to? What are you going to hold a grudge because they didn’t admit you in the Early round? That’s very silly.

Don’t wait too long to start working on your letter of enthusiasm. Contact us today by filling out our consultation form or by sending us an email to to get started. Only around 10% of students who were deferred at highly selective colleges in the Early admission round end up gaining admission in the Regular Decision round. We can help you be part of that 10% of students. We look forward to hearing from you.


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