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Deferred applicants must be proactive. Doing nothing is never the answer. Oy vey.

Deferred applicants, we’ve got some advice for you. After wallowing in misery for a day or two (hopefully not but if you did do this, we understand), it’s time to pick yourself up and get to work. When you’re deferred, the answer is not to do nothing. It rarely is in life. Learn this lesson now and you just might earn admission not only to a bunch of your Regular Decision schools but you may also get into your Early Decision or Early Action school that initially showed you the cold shoulder.

Around 10% of applicants who get deferred at highly selective colleges end up getting in during the Regular Decision round. You showed these schools that if admitted, you’d attend. You made a commitment to them. They didn’t show you the love back but during the Regular Decision round, you’re up against students who didn’t show them that level of commitment in the Early round. So they have some love for you and that can go a long way. But you’ve got to be proactive. The first thing that you should do is craft a letter of enthusiasm to the college that deferred you. This letter has got to be outstanding. We work with students who come to us after they’re deferred at their dream schools all the time and help them with these letters. Any old letter won’t do. This letter has got to be powerful!

You’ve also got to keep up (or improve if they’re not as good as they should be) your senior year grades. Sending an additional great letter of recommendation can help and the college that deferred you should absolutely be kept up to speed on your significant accomplishments. Getting an ‘A’ on a test is not a significant accomplishment! Neither is scoring a goal in a soccer game. Sorry. And there’s lots more that deferred students should do to be proactive in order to earn admission to the school they love but didn’t — at least initially — show that love back.

But we don’t give away all of our tips on our college admissions blog. That’s what our services are for. So fill out our Free Consultation form today to get started.


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