Debunking Admissions Misconceptions

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A piece up on “Today” debunks some college admissions misconceptions.

Debunking admissions misconceptions is a favorite pastime of ours at Ivy Coach. And so there’s a piece up on the website of “Today,” the revitalized morning infotainment show experiencing an uptick in ratings (thanks to Charlie Sheen’s announcement), about mistakes to avoid in college admissions that we figured we’d share with the readers of our college admissions blog. The piece quite accurately points out and debunks some common misconceptions about the highly selective college admissions process, ones we’ve surely discussed on the pages of our blog on many occasions.

For starters, the piece discusses how highly selective colleges seek singularly talented students — and not well-rounded students. If that isn’t a mantra of our college admissions blog, we don’t know what is. It also discusses how legacy doesn’t mean what it used to (although we should point out that it still means a whole lot — particularly for the children of alumni who have donated significant sums of money…development cases). And the piece details how AP Statistics isn’t as good as AP Calculus. But AB Calculus isn’t as good as BC Calculus. We figured we’d point that out while we’re at it. Why not.

But these are fairly well known misconceptions about the highly selective college admissions process. The pieces, which is indeed quite accurate, barely scratches the surface. Perhaps our friends at “GMA” will offer more in depth coverage of the highly selective college admissions process as we enter the important month of December.


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