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Dartmouth has extended its Early Decision deadline for the third year in a row.

The Dartmouth Early Decision deadline is being extended, joining a host of other highly selective universities. According to an article in “The Dartmouth” entitled “College extends early decision deadline to Nov. 8,” the decision by Dartmouth to extend the Early Decision deadline is rooted in troubles students and school counselors have been having with the functionality of the Common Application. According to “The Dartmouth,” “While the Admissions Office has not yet experienced any challenges with downloading or processing applications, dean of admissions and financial aid Maria Laskaris said the department has received calls from concerned students, counselors and parents, especially those from schools that use Naviance, a web-based software that helps submit college application forms.”

This year’s Early Decision extension at Dartmouth marks the third time in three years that the College on the Hill has pushed its deadline. Last year, as you may recall, Dartmouth extended its deadline because of Hurricane Sandy. The previous year, Dartmouth extended its deadline because of a snowstorm that left millions of homes on the East Coast without electricity in its wake. Do you think there’s a storm brewing next year or will the Common App. still not be able to get their act together?

And Dartmouth College is not alone is recently announcing that they’re extending their Early Decision deadline. Pomona College just announced that they’ll be extending their deadline, too. According to an email from the Pomona College admissions staff, “The on-going issues presented by The Common Application for prospective students, parents, guidance counselors and teachers have resulted in this extension in order to help facilitate the submission of application materials online.” We’ve already reported on a number of other institutions that, too, have extended their Early deadlines.


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