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Dartmouth application numbers are up this year as compared to last year in the Regular Decision round.

The Dartmouth application numbers are in for Regular Decision for the Class of 2019. In all, almost 20,500 students submitted applications to the College on the Hill this Regular Decision cycle. That marks an over 6% jump from the same figure last year and, if you’ll recall, Dartmouth experienced a more than 10% jump in applications in the Early Decision round this year.

As reported by “The Dartmouth” in an article on the applications received by Dartmouth, “Last year, the College saw a 14 percent decrease in applications, when 19,235 students applied for the Class of 2018. While this year’s admissions statistics represent an increase from last year, the total number of applicants is lower than the numbers received in 2011, 2012 and 2013, when application numbers were 22,385, 23,110 and 22,416, respectively. In December, Dartmouth admitted 483 students to the Class of 2019 from a pool of 1,859 early decision applicants for an early acceptance rate of nearly 26 percent. The Office of Admissions expects that students admitted early decision will comprise about 41 percent of the Class of 2019.”

If you’re curious to compare this year’s Dartmouth admissions statistics with previous years, check out our compiled Ivy League Statistics. And, should you have a question about admissions statistics or Dartmouth’s application numbers for this Regular Decision cycle, feel free to post a Comment below. We look forward to hearing from you. And congratulations to Dartmouth College on some great stats this year!


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