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Dartmouth College admissions statistics will reflect a 52% yield for the Class of 2015.

Yield statistics are in for Dartmouth College’s Class of 2015. A grand total of 1,114 students accepted Dartmouth College’s offer of admission. This means that an estimated 52% of of the 2,179 admitted applicants will be matriculating to the College on the Hill. The Dartmouth admissions statistics reflect a stable yield as Dean of Admission and Financial Aid Maria Laskaris said the yield is “pretty much where our yield has always been” according to “The Dartmouth.”

Last year’s class, the class of 2014, had 1,187 students, representing the largest class in Dartmouth College’s history but, according to “The Dartmouth,” the university decided to return to its traditional class size better reflected by the incoming 2015 class’ size. Of course, the number of students that Dartmouth anticipates enrolling at the college in the fall will fluctuate as some students will choose to take a gap year, some will get admitted off waitlists they’re currently on, or still others will just change their minds entirely.

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