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Searching for a daily updated college admissions blog? Well, you’ve come to the right place because Ivy Coach’s college admissions blog is the only daily updated blog on the subject of highly selective college admissions that you’ll find anywhere. Literally. While we blogged for years before 2011, beginning seven years ago we decided to blog every day. Not Mondays through Fridays. Not every day until the holiday time. Every. Single. Day. That includes Christmas. It includes Yom Kippur. It includes Thanksgiving. We have a blog on college admissions for every day of the last seven years. That’s over 2,500 blogs on the topic of college admissions. Seven years ago, our blog had a competitor, the admissions blog of “The New York Times” known as “The Choice.” It was a terrific resource for high school students and their parents. But in 2013, “The Choice” blog was regrettably discontinued. …And then there was one.

An Inside Baseball Story on Our College Admissions Blog

When folks are trying to build their online presence, it’s often suggested that they blog. And many business heed that advice. Maybe the first week they blog five times. The next week, they manage to write four blogs. Things get busy the following week and they don’t get a chance to blog. But they’re back at it the following week with one blog. That’ll be their last for a month. Or two. …That’s how it so often goes for businesses. But not us. We always figured that if we started missing days, we’d miss a month, or maybe two months. So we just decided to blog every single day — sometimes even more than once a day. It’s kind of like a shower in that way. Shower. Check. Write college admissions blog. Check.

The Regular Readers of Our College Admissions Blog

We always figure that our readers stick around for one, two, or maybe even three admissions cycles. That makes good sense to us. Why would you want to read about the college admissions process after your child has completed the process? We’re not sure but you’d be amazed — some of our readers really do stick around. We know because they tell us. In fact, a few weeks ago, we heard from a reader who has been reading our blog for eight years. And we also heard from another reader who has read every single last blog that we’ve ever written. We shared a good laugh about it.

You see, we have to write about college admissions every day and while every now and then there’s a juicy story in the arena, there’s not a juicy story on college admissions every day. So we’ve got to keep things interesting. We’ve got to find articles in which folks perpetuate misconceptions about the process — and call them out on it. We’ve got to find articles in which folks tell it like it is — and pat them on the back so their candor is appreciated. And every now and then, we have to repeat ourselves because there’s only so much we can say. The vast majority of our secret sauce doesn’t make the pages of our college admissions blog — it’s reserved exclusively for our clients. After all, we’re a business rather than an information service.

In the interest of keeping things interesting, if you’ve got a topic you’d like us to write about on the pages of our admissions blog, post it as a Comment below and we’ll be sure to take it under consideration. We look forward to hearing from you!


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