Crazy Students and College Admissions

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The vast majority of students and parents navigating the college admissions process are kind people (photo credit: Bryan Y.W. Shin).

When students and parents fill out our free consult form, we can often gauge their personalities, notably the ones who leave comments in the comments section. And we can often tell if they’re students and parents we’d like to work with or ones we’d rather avoid like Zika. One student wrote the following in his first of many sentences about himself, “I want a Skype consultation.” This student already got off on the wrong foot with us. Who says that? Where are this student’s manners? He demands a Skype consultation? Demand rejected outright! How about a “please”? This particular student told us he was available for the next two hours and then demanded we meet with him immediately. We’ll be right there, Godot!

It is our policy to only work with kind students and parents. It has been our policy for a quarter of a century and it has served us well. If we even suspect a student or parent is unkind or unnecessarily demanding, we will not take them on as clients. Not now. Not ever. This particular student who must have forgotten “please” was under the misimpression — as he outlined later — that the client is always right. Not by a long shot, young man — see this blog for further evidence. In many instances, the client is not right. The business is not always wrong. It’s a common misconception, one we are always happy to point out.

This particular student also happened to be under the misimpression that we must sell ourselves, that we need business. We don’t need business. We’re in demand and our time is limited. If we even sniff unkindness, we will not work with you. We will not help you earn admission to the college of your dreams. The vast majority of students and parents who reach out to us are kind and considerate people. There are just a few bad apples that sometimes spoil the fun. But once we call them out on why we won’t work with them, they almost always write us an apology. And sometimes we forgive them.


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