Crazed Parents and College Admission

Crazy Parents and College Admission, University Admission and Parents, Parents and Ivy League Admissions

Parents naturally worry during the college admissions process. It’s normal. But try to avoid saying ridiculous things you’ll later regret during this stressful time.

There’s a blog that’s getting some press called “The Neurotic Parent” by J.D. Rothman. We’ve written about Ms. Rothman’s amusing blog on the highly selective college admissions process before. This country need more parents like her who are able to not only recognize the craziness and ridiculousness of some parents going through the college admissions process with their children but are able to write about it in a humorous way that so many others can relate to.

Ms. Rothman writes about comments she overhears from parents (or sometimes they’re comments said directly to her) that are so outlandish. Here’s an example: “From our daughter’s school, you need to play golf or water polo to get into Stanford.” Really? You certainly don’t need to golf or play water polo to get into Stanford no matter what high school you go to. It’s possible that the water polo coach recruits annually from your child’s high school but to say that you need to play one of those two sports to get in should make Anderson Cooper’s “RidicuList.”

Here’s another comment reported by Ms. Rothman: “Harvard was a big diss because she’s not only a legacy, but someone who could absolutely do the work.” Wow. We don’t have to add any additional commentary to that! And one more: “In a four-hour period last Thursday she was shut out by four Ivies, as well as Williams and Tufts.” Yikes! Even worse that everyone is talking about it! But that’s life, unfortunately.

Bottom line: Don’t be one of these crazy parents. Don’t be the parent who obsesses openly to anyone who will listen about your daughter’s chances of getting into Princeton. It’s normal to worry about this. It’s normal to talk to your spouse about this. But there’s no reason to have to talk about it at the grocery store so all can overhear it. There’s no reason to gossip about every other child’s admissions results. Just worry about your own kid.


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