Crash of the Common App

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Yes indeed — the Common App. has crashed at the deadline (photo credit: Billy Hathorn).

Yes, there has been a crash of the Common App.! Many folks have been writing us tonight to find out if they’re the only ones who can’t submit their applications at the midnight deadline. They are not alone. The Common App., unsurprisingly, has crashed with so many folks on the server. It’s unsurprising because of the plethora (yes, we used an SAT word…which you should seek to avoid in all of your college essays if you can help it) of problems the Common App. has had this year. As you may know from reading our blog or reading the writings of our Founder, Bev Taylor, on “The Huffington Post,” we have sharply criticized the Common Application this year for their failings on so many levels.

Hopefully the Common App. will be up and running again soon but, for now, it’s down and many folks are grappling with this issue. So don’t stress too much. We anticipate that many colleges will extend their deadlines because of the crash, though there is no guarantee. It’s just our prediction!


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