Correcting the Record to a Jackson Sun Editorial

Did any of our readers happen to catch an editorial in “The Jackson Sun” entitled “Powerful essays open admissions opportunities” by Nina Heckler? It’s an excellent piece, one published on October 13, 2017. The only problem is that Bev Taylor, Founder of Ivy Coach, wrote and published significant portions of the article years before Ms. Heckler’s “Jackson Sun” piece was published — not only on this very college admissions blog on May 6, 2015 but in an article for “Unigo” published on that same date of May 6, 2015. In fact, Bev originally wrote extensive portions of the piece as an Ivy Coach newsletter in September of 2007, even painstakingly registering it with the United States Copyright Office so as to protect her intellectual property. That registration is below. Ms. Heckler owns and operates a franchise of Class 101, a college consulting company founded by Tom Pabin. Ms. Heckler published her piece in “The Jackson Sun,” a publication that dates back 150 years and is owned by Gannett, the publisher of “USA Today.”

A Correction of the Record

Here’s the piece as it was published in “The Jackson Sun” with the Nina Heckler by-line and promotion of Class101. The highlighted portions in Ms. Heckler’s piece are sentences that are plagiarized from Bev’s writing as seen here on “Unigo” and here on our blog. We’ve also included Bev’s “Unigo” piece below, highlighting the portions that were copied by Ms. Heckler in “The Jackson Sun” piece. And at the very bottom is the copyright registration of the original September 2007 newsletter from which significant portions have been plagiarized.


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