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December 2, 2018

Connections with Admissions Officers

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If a college consultant boasts of connections with admissions officers, we encourage you to run.

One question we’re occasionally asked by prospective clients goes something like this: “Do you have connections with admissions officers that can help improve my child’s case for admission?” Our answer is a categorical no. And if any private college counselor should suggest to you that he or she has connections with admissions officers that will improve your child’s chances of admission to a particular highly selective college, we suggest you run — and run fast! At Ivy Coach, we work exclusively behind the scenes and any private college consultant that doesn’t work exclusively behind the scenes should be avoided at all cost. And why? Do you believe it would improve your child’s chances of admission to one of our nation’s elite schools if admissions officers knew you had the help of an admissions expert? If you’re uncertain about the answer to that question, it’s no, no, no.

College Consultants Should Not Boast of Connections to Admissions Officers

You see, when our students apply to our nation’s elite universities, admissions officers don’t know that we — or any private college counselor — had a hand in their applications. They wouldn’t know we played a big role brainstorming and editing the many admissions essays or helping the student showcase her hook or recommending she take certain coursework and testing. Because if an admissions officer did know that a student’s family paid our fees — or the fees of any private college consultant — to give them an edge in the admissions process, well, that’d defeat our core objective. And what’s our core objective? Making students likable so that admissions officers want to root for them. A college counselor thus pledging to have connections with admissions officers not only isn’t telling the truth — but they don’t seem to understand the admissions process because they’d be hurting their students if they were telling the truth.

If College Consultants Do Boast of Connections to Admissions Officers, Run and Run Fast

At Ivy Coach, we hire former admissions officers. Note the word former in the previous sentence. We don’t have connections with current admissions officers. Does that mean we don’t know many of them? Of course we do. And they know us. But would we ever mention the name of one of our students to them? No, never! And anyone, like the founders of the embattled T.M. Landry College Preparatory School, who boasts of their connections, well, you can bet there are other lies to uncover beneath. As Lindsay Ellis and Nell Gluckman report for “Inside Higher Ed” in a piece on the T.M. Landry scandal, “College officials also reiterated, as The New York Times reported, that the universities are not connected to the school’s director, who reportedly told his students that he could use his influence with college deans to make or break their applications.”

So should any private college counselor boast of their connections to admissions officers, we invite you to think about the embattled founders of T.M. Landry College Preparatory School.

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