Congrats to Our Ivy Coach Students

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Congratulations to our students at Ivy Coach who have received Likely Letters to some of America’s most prestigious universities (photo credit: Ad Meskens).

We wish to extend our heartfelt congratulations to our students at Ivy Coach who’ve been receiving Likely Letters from highly selective colleges over the last couple of days and weeks. Many of our students don’t know what Likely Letters mean so they call us up and they say something like this: “I got this letter from Brown and it says ‘The Board of Admission recently completed its review of your application for admission to Brown’s Class of 2020. I am delighted to inform you that in recognition of your outstanding performance and potential – both inside and beyond the classroom – the members of the Board have voted to confer on you a ‘likely’ status.'”

So what does that mean? That means, as we tell our students, that they will be earning admission to Brown. This, after all, is Brown’s way of trying to persuade the student to matriculate to the school. They’re believers in the primacy effect of social psychology — tell the strongest applicants as early as possible they’ll be getting in so they end up wanting to go to Brown over other highly selective colleges. It makes logical sense if you think about it.

Sometimes the first time we ever hear a student curse is when they find out they got into their dream school. We always think that’s funny.

And so cut back to when our students excitedly call up and ask us, “What does this mean? What does it mean?” We tell them, “It means you’re getting in. It means you were among the strongest applicants in the Regular Decision round. It means Brown wants you.” Cut to their reactions and one reaction of a student some days ago in particular: “You’re f*#*#%g joking me.” No we’re not, we most certainly are not. It’s especially fun to hear reactions such as these because our students so rarely curse! But there’s no time like when they learn they’re earning admission to their dream schools as it’s a moment they’ll never forget.


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  • Judy says:

    Is there anything a student can do to increase the chance of receiving a likely letter once they’ve achieved the gpa, test scores, class rank, club leadership, etc? Should they or high school administrators make contact with the college?

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