Completing College Applications

Completing University Apps, Completing University Applications, Completing Ivy Applications

Don’t put yourself in a time crunch. Complete your Regular Decision applications while you wait for the verdict on your Early application.

If you’re a student who applied Early Decision or Early Action to a certain college, it’s quite possible that you’ve made the choice to sit and wait until you hear back from the college(s) to which you applied. You’re doing nothing. Maybe you’re focusing on your schoolwork or working hard at improving your swim times. Alright — so you’re not doing nothing. But if you’re a student who applied Early Decision or Early Action and hasn’t yet completed your other applications, you’re going to be under quite a lot of stress should you not get admitted to your first choice college. And a good portion of applicants indeed won’t get admitted to their first choice college!

Our students at Ivy Coach typically apply through an Early program. After all, why not use one of the best cards a student has in the highly selective college admissions process? But does that mean that our students sit back and watch “One Tree Hill” while they wait to hear back if they earned a spot at Yale? No. Absolutely not. And if your guidance counselor, teachers, or anyone else suggests that you do this, you might want to seek advice elsewhere.

Why would you want to put yourself in the bind of having to write all of your supplemental college essays after you find out that you didn’t get into your Early school? Why would you want to put that kind of time constraint on yourself? Why not prepare in advance on the off chance that you don’t get in? What’s the harm in being over-prepared? You write some extra essays? Big deal. Sunk cost. Do the extra work by completing your Regular Decision college applications now. It’ll be well worth it. We promise.


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