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Common App Session, Common App Sessions, Session on the Common Application

Ivy Coach offers students the opportunity to complete their entire Common App. in two days. Interested? Sign up today.

Interested in tackling your entire Common Application in one weekend? We at Ivy Coach can help make that happen. This includes reviewing what you put in every field of the Common Application and helping you brainstorm and edit your Personal Statement, the main college admissions essay. We do not conduct these sessions in person because doing so is a waste of time. You don’t need to see our faces in person when you can see them over the computer. We’d rather you write on your own. You don’t need us next to you to write an essay just as we don’t need you next to us as we edit your essay to make it stronger, to make it powerful, to help you sway admissions officers to want to root for you in the highly selective college admissions process.

We begin our session by reading you Personal Statements that have worked for our students in the past. Maybe we’ll read you the rubberband essay that led a highly selective college admissions office to send a whole bunch rubberbands in an envelope to our student to go along with her offer of admission. Because that’s how much they were moved by her rubberband essay. Or maybe we’ll read you an essay that led the Stanford Dean of Admissions to pull our student aside — along with the entire admissions staff — and tell him that his was the most powerful essay that he’s ever read in his many years in highly selective college admissions. That sure made our day! Or maybe we’ll read you an essay that led a college president to personally call a student and offer her a slot in the incoming class. We have to say…that was something we had never before experienced.

Once we settle on a topic, you write the first draft and then we go back and forth with revisions until Ivy Coach deems the essay in outstanding shape for submission. It’s a simple process. It’s an effective process, one we’ve used for many years. If you’re interested in signing up for our 2-day Common Application sessions, write us today by filling out a free consultation form. Indicate on the form that you’re interested in completing one of these sessions and we’ll schedule a time with you at your convenience.


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