Common Application Activity Essay

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The Common Application shouldn’t be changing the character count of the activity essay midstream on students! It’s just not right.

The Common Application needs to make up its mind! All summer long, the Common Application stated on their website that the activity essay should be at most 750 characters long. That isn’t the case anymore as The Common Application activity essay should now be at most 1,000 characters, according to the website. This is a rather annoying change that impacts students who have been putting the finishing touches (or have already finished) these essays.

Shame on The Common Application for adding to the stress of the already stressful college admissions process. If you say something, stick to it. Don’t change your minds every other week about how many characters you think a college essay should be. The Common Application gets away with these kinds of changes quite a bit and it’s just not right to change it up midstream. Change it for next year’s students instead!

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