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Common Application Glitch, Glitch on Common App, Common App Glitches

A glitch on the Common Application was recently brought to our attention (photo credit: Sach1tb).

It was brought to our attention that there’s a glitch with the Common App. this admissions cycle. It was so far so good this college admissions cycle (with some notable exceptions!). As regular readers of our college admissions blog know all too well, it wasn’t always the case for Common App. Just a couple of years ago (in 2013), glitches were the order of the day with the most widely used college application. But Common App. has, to their credit, really corrected course of late. Good for them.

There is, however, to our understanding, a problem with this year’s application — a glitch we only learned of when it was brought to our attention. When a student uploads a document on the Common App., he or she has the ability to replace the document. To do so, the student simply deletes the file, even confirming that it’s gone for good. But when the student then uploads a new document — and if the student keeps the title name the same as the old document — it seems that Common App. is restoring the original version. So much for permanently deleting it. To circumvent this glitch, the student needs to rename the file to a new title. So instead of calling the file “Supplemental Essays,” the student could call the file, “Supplement.” Or choose different titles of course.

But how many students are going to realize this? It seems to us that many students are going to end up submitting files that they didn’t intend to submit. Common App., you’ve been very good so far this college admissions cycle. What’s up with this issue? Fix it please so students don’t end up submitting files they didn’t want going to the colleges of their dreams.



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